Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Book Review - The Bible's Yes to Same-Sex Marriage by Mark Achetember

Though I am not done with this book, only half way through it.  I thought I would give a quick review.  I am impressed that this book does not just rehash the scriptures that we are used to hearing about when it comes to same sex relationships.

Mark looks at many aspects from marriage to having children to the aspects of Christ's teachings on love.  I recommend this book for those that want to have a deeper understanding and know more about scripture and how it talks about one person's experience from being stone cold against same sex marriage to one that now stands with the LGBT community.

Now true, Mark had some help in this because he got to know people in the community and realized that harm was being done by condemning a person, but it is his study of scripture that ultimately changed his mind.

It is not a light read, but a very informative one.  Enjoy!

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