Friday, October 21, 2016

Falling in love with Christ again

"If you love me, keep my commands."

John 14:15

I have been thinking on this a lot lately.  Do I love the Lord?  I think I am starting to, but full on all out love, not yet.  The good news is that God don't require me to be head over heals in love with Him right away.

I think God knows it takes time to build love and trust in Him.  It is like any relationship, it takes time to build.  Yet I can't help but feel like I should already be all in.  It is hard to be coming from years of turning my back to now relying solely on God for everything.

I want to, don't get me wrong, but this is a process.  There is a history and things that have to be overcame to move forward.  So now I settle for liking God a whole lot with intent to know better so I can fall in love with him.

Do you find it hard to love God?  What is your experience in it?

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