Thursday, October 27, 2016

Her Love

Her Love
by Lesley Hooper

Her love fills me to the soul.
Her love keeps me a fool.
Her love takes my breath away.
Her love pushes me to sway.

Her love is pure.
Her love is true.
Her love is honest.
Her love is kind.

Her love is like no other, it does not leave.
Her love is like an ocean, filling the depths.
Her love is like a tree, strong and rooted.
Her love is like a book, ever writing new chapters.

Her love is not my love though.
Her love is not given to me.
Her love is a lost love.
Her love will ever be on my mind.

May she find someone to give her love.
May she smile on me who had her love.
May she be at peace in her love.
May she forgive in her love.

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