Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Story Time - The First Date part one

When we left Kelly and Angela, they had just met.  After seeing each other a few times at church, they decided to try a date.  Let's catch up with them...

Kelly, nervous as all get out, walks up to Angela's apartment.  She hides behind her back a flower.  Thinking this is cheesy to take a flower to her, but she wanted to make her smile.  Kelly took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Angela, stood at the door for just a few minutes.  Is she really going to go out?  It had been years since she dated and the thought of getting out there just frightened her.  But with Kelly, nerves settled down and she felt calm around her. So with a deep breath and a quick prayer, she opened the door.

"Hey, I got you this, nothing big, just something for you." Kelly blurted out nervously.

"Oh thank you, I love flowers!" Angela replied.

The two of them just stood there staring at each other.  Neither knew that the other took their breath away.  That nothing seemed wrong in the world when in each other's presence.  Kelly and Angela just knew that they really liked the other and both prayed that this would become special.

"So, where are we going tonight?" Angela asked to break the silence.

"Oh, I figured to get a bite to eat and then if still want to continue the date, I got a little surprise for you."  Kelly replied.

Angela took the flower in and put in the vase and grabbed her things while Kelly waited at the door.

Kelly stopped Angela real quickly and asked if they could pray before they head out.  Shocked by this, Angela agreed.

Kelly prayed, "God, be with us as we discover more about each other and help us to just be ourselves with each other.  Remembering to put you first in all we do.  Let us have an enjoyable night and grow in our friendship. In Your Son's name Amen."

Angela, really liked this and was actually impressed that Kelly wanted to share a prayer with her before they went on their date.  It seemed to take the pressure off and let Angela relax a little more with Kelly.

They walked to Kelly's SUV and Kelly got the door for Angela.  She then ran to the other side smiling as she hoped in.  Not knowing what to say now, Kelly just focused on driving to the restaurant. One problem though, she did not know which one to go to yet.

"So, Angela, my dear, where would you like to eat? What are you in the mood for?" Kelly tried to ask all smooth.

"I don't know, surprise me!" Angela responded quickly.

Oh great, where was Kelly to go now...she had hoped to make that decision when Angela told her what she wanted.  Kelly decided then that she would go to a little Greek restaurant that she liked down on the coast.

On the way, they talked about church and what they liked about it and didn't like either.  They talked about music they liked and Kelly even put the station on country just for Angela.  Both became really intrigued with the other and found conversation to be easy for the two of them.

Stay tuned next week for part two as we follow them on their date...what does it have in store for them? Who will they run into at the restaurant? Where does Kelly take Angela next on the date?  Stay tuned to part two and three!

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