Saturday, October 1, 2016

Why am I a Lesbian?


I have been asked recently, "Why are you a lesbian?"  I don't know how to answer that question.  Was I born that way? Who knows!  

Let's look at this further!  For me it is part physical attraction, part mental attraction, and part emotional attraction.  All three I get from a woman!

I just know that since I can remember the picture of a woman like the one on the left, turned me on.  I look at a woman's body and think what beauty, what curves, so majestic, and am turned on.  I want to caress it and be physical with the woman!

I see her beauty not just in the physical though but also in her smile, her spirit, her whole package!  I feel drawn in and want to explore why.  I want to know her and what she wants.  I want to be with her.

A woman does it for me!  Drives me nuts and turns me on!

I look at the guy's picture on the right and I laugh.  It looks so funny to me and I am not turned on at all.  I don't even want to have it close to me.  It is not that it is disgusting, but it turns my stomach.

I don't see the softness and caring I see in a woman in this man's picture.  I am sure there are woman that will read this and be like he is just so perfect, but I don't see it.  I see something that looks wrong to be with.  I am put off and don't care to know him but as a friend.

I can have a relationship with a woman, but understand a man's thinking.  I can be friends with guys but never romantic.  Whereas with a woman, I am a complete old school romance.  I want to treat her like a queen, show how proud I am to be with her, let her feel like she is the only one on the planet.

Have I been with guys in the past? Yes, it didn't end well.  I think cause some of it was I could not fully get into a sexual point with them.  I had sex with guys and during it I remember thinking really, really this is to please me some how?  None of it did.  Guys can be fun as friends, but there is nothing more there.

So I am a lesbian, I find my joy, love, sex, and all in being with a woman.  And one day I will meet that one that can walk hand in hand with me!  I can't explain it, I just know it is what feels right with me...and what can be wrong with that?

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