Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Story time: She made the move first.

Alex walked down the long bleak ally, taking back streets so that she did not have to face people.  She just wanted to be left to her thoughts and not bothered.  As she walked, she thought about the way things were changing from a new president to now a country blocking others from coming in.  Was this the world that she wanted to be a part of?  What was to happen to her rights as a citizen if she did not believe the way that was expected of her?  

Now 40, Alex finally knew who she was.  A strong lesbian woman!  And yet she was scared to say that out loud.  Alex knew that prayer was the answer, but yet that didn't seem to be enough for her.  She saw other protest and wished that she had the courage to do so.  Yet fear of loosing family and friends, fear of loosing her job for taking off for it, and fear of being arrested kept her from stepping up.  Fear, oh how it ruled.

Alex walked a little more and soon found herself at her favorite diner.  It was one of those old fashion burger joints.  It was open 24/7 and usually at this late hour, no one was there.  Alex walked in and got a booth off in the back where she could take out her computer and type up something on her blog.  But then walked up the waitress that she always eyed but never moved to ask her out.

Judy was about 38 and one of those cute little fems.  She wore her rainbow button proudly and was well known in the LGBT community as an activist.  She worked part time at the diner to help make ends meet.  Alex never saw her with anyone but the thought crossed her mind several times that she should ask her out.

"So, my shy friend, usual tonight?" Judy asked as she walked up to the booth.

"Just a coke and fries tonight." Alex let her know while trying not to look at her.  Alex just knew if she did that Judy would know that Alex wanted her and so she kept her head down.

"So what are we working on tonight?" Judy asked taking Alex by surprise.  Judy never asked anything just let her write and brought her food and soda.

"Not sure yet, there is so much to touch on and yet my thoughts are all over the place."

"So can I ask you something?"

"I guess."

"When are we going to go out?"
Taken off guard by this, Alex just stared up at her not knowing what to say.

"Alex, you come here every night, I know it isn't for the food," which was right as there were better places in town.

"I, uh, I want to go out with you but I don't know, I'm sorry, you want to go out with me?"

"Yes, is that hard to believe?"

"Well, when do you get off?"


"Then don't wait on me and let's go get something together."

Alex heart got excited and a new feeling of pride came over as the one she pawned over wanted to go out with her.  Alex was thankful Judy made the move first, but now the hard part of actually going out with her was upon her.  

Judy rejoined Alex and the two of them walked out of the diner.  They went to a local jazz club, chatted it up, and before they knew it the sun was dawning another day.  They went on many more dates in the months to come and soon afterwards, they got married.

Six years later, the two are still together.  Judy teases that she had to make the first move, and Alex thanks her everyday for doing so.  Their love has grown and the two of them still pass that diner and think back to the night they first went out.

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