Thursday, February 2, 2017

Story time: We grew old together

Elizabeth looked at Anne and could not believe that they had spent 45 years together, but today in wheel chairs, with age taken over, they were going to finally say "I do" and be legally married.  Elizabeth though found a strange nervousness about it.  What if Anne didn't want to?  What if she walked away?  Silly thoughts, this was Anne's idea after all.

Elizabeth thought back to when they first met.  It was years ago, both in college.  How young they were!  Still remembering the outfit Anne wore that day!  It was a simple outfit, jeans, black long sleeve shirt, brown leather boots, a purple scarf, but what stuck out most was the rainbow socks.  Anne told her they were her lucky socks.  Elizabeth, awe struck, just knew this was the woman for her.  Her silky skin, charming smile, curly black hair, just drew her in.  How could Elizabeth study at the local coffee shop with this whimsical beauty sitting there drawing her in?  Elizabeth thought how scared she was, but soon got up and went to ask Anne out.  Oh how she was playful in it!  At first acting like she couldn't, yet laughing.  Just as Elizabeth was to walk away, Anne stopped her and said she would love to go out.

That first date was magical!  The two of them met at a Greek restaurant down on the beach.  They split a large salad with lamb on it.  Then dessert, a large slice of cheese cake.  Anne let Elizabeth feed her bites of it.  During the whole time they talked about classes they were in, things they liked to do, and where they came from.  Elizabeth remembered how easy it was to talk to Anne.  She knew that night that Anne was the woman she would spend the rest of her life with.  And the kiss they shared after Elizabeth walked Anne back to her car, sealed the deal.  Elizabeth remembered being on cloud nine the rest of the night.

Then Elizabeth thought of when they moved in together.  Anne brought a truck and a half with her.  Nick knacks and books galore.  Elizabeth did not know how they were going to fit everything into the two bedroom apartment, but Anne insisted it would work out.  Boxes went everywhere, furniture thrown in and not organized, and bags of clothes piled in the walkway.  Elizabeth's dog not sure about Anne's cat.  The chaos of it all but yet Elizabeth was so proud to have her love live with her and trusted that things would work out as Anne said.

Then there were the dark years, those years when Anne lost her parents.  Elizabeth did not know what to do, just stay at her side.  Fear made her think that she would loose Anne, but yet nothing she did would bring Anne out of the depression that she slid in.  Sure there were days when Elizabeth thought that they were in the clear, but then something would happen and Anne would close back up.  Finally Anne went to get professional help.  Elizabeth stayed strong through it all and eventually got her Anne back.

Maybe it was the adoption of their son that brought Anne back, who knows.  Elizabeth thought back to that day.  When she held Anne's hand as they walked down the hospital hallway to pick up their son.  That was a day more special to her then any other day.  Anne glowed with joy.  A healthy boy, 5 pounds 8 ounces, 19 inches long.  Anne named him Johnathan David, JD for short.  Elizabeth remembered not getting much say in the name but how she loved it when Anne told it to her.    Elizabeth remembered how happy Anne glowed as she held JD.  Finally they had their family, even if Anne and Elizabeth never were married.

Now JD is grown and has a family of his own.  Anne was so thrilled when he got married and when the grand kids were born.  Elizabeth thought about how Anne would care and play with the children when they came over for visits.  The spark of life really showed in Anne when the family was together.  Elizabeth thought of how she would get treats for the kids and brighten up with anticipation for their visits.

So today, the day that almost felt like an end of a life time, the two were to say "I do" and be legally married.  Elizabeth knew that it was just a ceremony, but Anne wanted to be legal.  Elizabeth always gave Anne what she wanted.  How could she not?  Anne already gave her the one thing she wanted, Anne's heart.

"Beth, honey, answer the priest" Anne whispered startling Elizabeth out of her thoughts.

"Elizabeth, it is time now to say your vows."  the priest instructed.

"Okay, okay, here it goes.  Anne my love, my joy, my hope, my life.  How can I say what it is like to be with you and what it will continue to be like.  I love you more than any other.  We have had 45 wonderful years together and all I can say is it is not enough!  I want everyday to be with you, raising chaos, laughing, loving, and being part of this world.  Anne, you already gave me the one thing I want in life, your heart and I promise everyday I will give you mine. I love you and vow to continue through life as you as my partner, my friend, my lover, my wife!"

Finally the two will grow old together as each other's wife, but long ago they already gave what mattered, their heart.

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