Thursday, March 9, 2017

Story Time: It was her smile

Laura leaned up against the corner of the old brick building.  Looking across the parking lot, she didn't know who to be looking for.  She just knew her name was Jeannette and that she had curly black hair.  Sure she had seen a picture of her, but that didn't mean she knew for sure what she looked like.  Laura sucked down one last smoke and nervously looked around.

This was a date set up by Laura's best friend Tish and Laura was not told much, just that Tish said Jeannette was really nice and will meet her at 5 pm at the Olympian Grill on the Harbor side of the island.  Laura had not been on a date in some time and was not sure what to do.  She just knew though that Tish would never let her hear the end of it if she did not at least make an attempt to meet Jeannette.

Finally, a woman that matched the description and picture started walking up towards Laura.  Laura snuffed out the smoke, nervously fixed her hair, and yet could not get her eyes off this goddess that walked her way.  Laura scoped her out from head to toes.  Jeannette's hair was wild in the wind, her eyes inviting, her smile enticing.  She wore a stripped scarf, deep red sweater, jeans that showed off her curves, rainbow socks, and brown loafers.  Laura knew at that moment, there was going to be more to this date then she had expected.  For it was Jeannette's smile that drew her in and held her wanting more.

"You must be Laura?"

"And you must be Jeannette!"

"Waiting long?"

"Nah, I only been here a few minutes."

"Well shall we go in?"

From there the two of them went into the restaurant.  They ordered a tilapia dish to share.  As they waited on the meal, they talked about how they each knew Tish, about looking for a relationship and difficulties in it, and so much more.  Laura felt her defenses go down as she interacted with Jeannette.  It was still that smile that drew her in, made her feel at ease, and make her want more.

"Shall we continue this at the beach?" Jeannette asked Laura.

"Sure, but I must warn you, I may try to kiss you."

"And I may let you."

With that Laura leaned in and kissed the soft tender lips of Jeannette.  Then she learned it was not just her smile but her kiss as well.

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