Friday, May 26, 2017

Book Review - Quench! refreshing devotionals by gay, trans, and affirming Christians – December 1, 2009 by Rev. Jeff Miner (Author), John Tyler Connoley (Author), Keith J. Phillips (Author), Steve Adams (Author), & 12 more

This is not your typical book of daily devotions!
Join this unique group of writers in daily meditation, and quench your spiritual thirst with heart-felt, real-world reflections by fellow Christians who are lesbian, gay, transgender, straight and affirming, lay and clergy. You will find yourself never thirsty with the living water poured out in Quench!
Each of the 100 entries in this book has three parts:
Today's Scripture. After you read the day's passage, we recommend you take some time to meditate on it and ask yourself, What might God be saying to me from this? Does any word, phrase, or idea stand out? It may help to summarize your thoughts in a sentence or two before reading on.
Our Thoughts. The authors will share what they have taken from the scripture.
Thought for the Day. This is something you can take with you, to remember and ponder throughout the day.

This is really a unique book!  I have enjoyed the entries I have read so far.  It does not have daily entries like a normal daily devotional, but you can treat each one daily.  Now you do have to have your Bible with you as the scriptures are not printed in it.  One thing I found as a down fall as I wanted to keep it at the office, but that is okay.  It allows me to get better acquainted with my Bible again.

I really love how each passage makes you think.  It is thought provoking and brings you to question things you may have not thought of before.  If you are looking for something that brings you closer to God and makes you really think about things, this is the book for you!

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