Monday, May 1, 2017

Tapestry Retreat Recap

I could start this out by saying "What happens at Tapestry, stays at Tapestry!" But then how would you my reader know how great it was?  The little line on it where it says a spiritual journey is something that should not be taken lightly!  It is just that!

Before I begin to tell my experience I would like to say that no names will be used.  Tapestry is a safe place and confidentiality is a big thing to provide that safety.  So no names, no pictures of others, just my experience.

I hopped in my car at the crack of dawn Thursday morning and began my trek from Houston, TX to Memphis, TN.  With each mile I drove, my anxiety rose.  I tried to calm it by doing some touristy things like stopping at the state tourist information places.  

I had hoped on the drive to listen to a book called "God and the Gay Christian" by Matthew Vines yet I found myself not able to concentrate on the book and drive at the same time.  So that book review will come at a later time.  I instead listened to music and thought about what to expect from the retreat.  My anxiety grew as I mentioned.  I was going to something new where I didn't know any one except for an email to one lady and one phone call.

This was so out of my comfort zone!  I kept thinking what am I doing!  It is not too late to turn around!  Yet, I was on a mission.  I had talked to my preacher about going on this trip and he had asked me to get some nuggets to help the church be accepting of the LGBT community into the church.  This no longer was a trip for me, but a trip to help the church.  How could I let them down?  And besides, I could not let you the reader down and not come back and tell you about it.

So after ten hours I arrived to the most beautiful campground I have ever seen.  Relieved to not be driving any more I turned off the car for the last time and got out.  As I was getting my things, a lady I am glad to call my friend came out and asked if she could help me carry in.  And right away I felt not only accepted but wanted at this event.  That feeling didn't stop either through out the weekend.

I am not going to get into the details of everything that we did through the weekend, that would spoil it for you if you ever decide to go.  I will say this, it gave a space that I could and others could have open conversations about any thing.

We talked about how such things like community, labels that people put on us and how we can combat them, what it means to be a Gay Christian, and so much more.  We played games together.  We grew bonds that I know will be long lasting.

Tapestry is about so much.  It is a God send!  God inspired!  God driven! It is an event for the people that allows the people to freely be themselves and not worry about judgment.  Will I go back?  Every time Tapestry happens, I will make a way to be there!  My world is improved because of it!

I left Sunday to make the drive back with not just tools to give the church, tools to use in my life, answers to some questions, questions I did not know I had, challenges to work through, challenges to make some things happen, ideas for this blog, which right there that list is already a lot, but also a deeper connection to God.

So I recommend to anyone Tapestry.  I recommend Centerpeace.  The people who run it are amazing and one day I hope to volunteer my services to help grow their mission!  

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