Thursday, June 8, 2017

Agree to disagree ~ fighting against the Gays

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Matthew 5:9

You know most times the whole arguing about being gay and the Bible saying it is wrong does not get to me, but at times it does.  I wish at times I was better prepared or quicker to respond to it than I am when it comes up.  Yet I am not.

The Bible says to be a peacemaker though.  I am not to argue, but yet it is hard to not argue and fight for my rights.  I want to be heard and my side be known.  I want to be right.  Yet what is more important, to be right or have peace of mind and know that I am right in God's eyes?

It is easy to get caught up in the battle and loose focus on the war.  It is easy to get caught up on a hurdle and loose focus on the destination.  This fight is not about changing one or two people, but a movement of hundreds.  This is not even a war, and when we stop looking at it as that, when we address it from a peaceful movement, we can do much more.

You may be saying, but Lesley it is a war, we are being attacked daily.  Yes we are, but should we attack back or should we take the high road?  What would be more Christ like?  When He was attacked did He attack back?  No, he gave love back.  And so should we. 

And man is that hard.  Last night I was double teamed by my parents.  Told I was not really a Christian cause I am gay.  Preached to about how it is wrong to be gay.  And all I could do is sit there.  I cried inside cause here the two people I love, attacked me.  Yet, I am to honor them, not attack back.  So what can I do?  Pray for them!  Pray that we can agree to disagree, that we can have harmony, that we can have peace.

This is a time when we have had great strides to be far from where we were, but we have a long way to go!  And approaching it out of love and through prayer is not giving up, it is just taking it to God and letting Him approach it in a better way then we can.  And trust me, He can do miracles to open doors that we can't do!  He can bring it much easier and with less heartache!  And best part, when we do it God's way, we are following His word and not pushing our own agenda.

So fighting, well it can be done in love and peacefully.  It can be done by taking it to God.  It can be done without looking at it as a war, but a movement.  And in time things will change!  In the mean time, we can educate ourselves, we can educate others, we can pray, we can support each other, and we can build a network of others that support us too!  We are not alone and we have a God that will bless us if we only allow Him to do it His way!

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