Saturday, July 22, 2017

God's court room!

For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat.
Romans 14:10

The courtroom is filled, the scene is set.  The prosecutor snares, the Devil himself ready to present his case.  There is no jury as this is going to be just before the judge, the God almighty.  The defendant stands in the middle shaking.

"Lord, let me tell you of Sally Sue here.  She has a history of sins.  She stole, she lied, she had sex out of wedlock, she cheated on her taxes, she cheated on her husband, she divorced him, she has not one but two felonies...." Satan kept going with his list.  Sally just hung her head as she knew her case did not sound good.  She just knew that she displeased the Lord.

"Lord, she has done wrong, she is a sinner and she belongs with sinners, not in Heaven!  She is undeserving of you love!"

"Stop!"  The defense attorney yells out!  And Christ rises at this point.  He walks up to Sally and raises her head and whispers in her ears, "I got this, don't worry."

With that Christ turned around and looked at God, "Hey Dad, how are you?"

"Hey Son, I am good and you?"  God said.

"Listen, I was listening to Satan but he left out something very important, see Sally here, well, she was baptized and is one of my sisters, she has been washed by my blood, I paid her debt."  Christ proclaimed.

"Well son, why didn't you say so!  Case dismissed, Sally welcome home!"  And with that, Sally was lead to the freedom of Heaven.

Interesting story huh?  You can almost imagine it!  Just put yourself there as Sally, standing before God, Satan reading off all you did wrong in your life, but Christ with just one sentence making things perfect and you were set free!

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