Thursday, December 7, 2017

Promises of God

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.
2 Peter 3:9

As I sit in a coffee shop far from home, I am pondering God's promise to us.  What is that promise?  One of everlasting life.  Yet I get so much more from God!  I am living a life I never dreamed of!  I am able to travel, have my own place, and a job that I can do and do good.  He has given me life!

Just thinking back to a couple years ago, when I was in death's grasp from the inside out.  I had no hope.  I wanted it all over!  And now, now that I am in Christ!  I want to live, I want to share His love!  What an amazing gift He gives us!

Don't get me wrong, it is not all hunky dory and a bed of roses.  I have to do my part and work in this life.  But He has restored the wasted years, made the hard days better than the best without Him, and brought me hope!

I am free to love, so are you!  Too often we choose to ignore, disapprove without love, and hate.  Just look at those that don't approve of the leaders, they hate them, they spit out words of hate.  And vice versa.  This is not why God sent His son to die for us!

So many talk about being loving, but who really are?  Do you give love to the stranger that just cut you off?  Do you show love to the ex that broke your heart?  Do you love the one that in your eyes sins in a way that can not be forgiven?

One of Christ's commandments is to love our neighbor.  That don't mean you have to agree.  That don't mean you have to like what they do.  But love them anyways!  Let me tell you I don't like Trump, I can't stand how he acts, and I hate how he treats people, but I show love for him by praying for him.

I once heard an old saying with a twist.  You have heard, "Love the sinner, but hate the sin!"  And oh how we have gotten away from that.  We end up hating the sinner.  I then heard something much better!  "Love the sinner and hate the sin in my own life!"  And wow how that takes me off of looking at what is wrong with them and now I am able to love the human being that they are and focus on my own sins.

God promises us eternity with Him, but we still have things that we have to do!  I see it as we are to clean up our own side of the street, allow Him to change our hearts and actions, give everything the good and bad to Him, let go of control, love others, and tell others about Him and what He has done in our own life!

What better way to show someone that you love them?  To tell them of the saving grace, the forgiveness that goes deeper than any other, and a love for them that expands time and distance!  To show them of the salvation that was freely given!  God doesn't want just one person to get to Heaven, He wants all of us to!  Christ died for all!

So as I sit here, I think of that promise of salvation, if I share it with others, and how blessed I am to have it.  Miles from home, but just a breath away from God no matter where I am and people all around that I can share His love with, even if it is just a smile to a stranger.

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