About Me!

Hello, my name is Lesley Hooper and I am a born-again Christian who happens to be a lesbian.  I am 40 and if you can believe it single as can be!  I have a wonderful dog though as my companion and great friends and family.

I attend a Church of Christ in Houston, Westbury Church of Christ.  I am proud of them and their acceptance and they are proud of me and my willingness to bring others to God!  Our focus is on Jesus, God, and the loving grace that saves us, not all the other things churches so often get wrapped up in.  

This blog was started as it was hard to find a blog for a lesbian Christian out there that was still active.  Reality is there are not many resources for a lesbian like there are for the guys.  I hope to change that by the blog and maybe one day a book or two.  It is also to help others understand what it means to be in the Church of Christ and be a lesbian.  Maybe even help members of the church be open to those of us that are gay.

I hope you get as much out of this as I get out of doing it.  Thanks again for reading and being a part of this journey!

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