I am currently building a page on resources for those of the LGBTQ+ community to find safe places to talk about Christianity and being who they are.  I will also list books, other blogs, and online resources.

Some books that are found on Amazon that I recommend:

Loves God Likes Girls by Sally Gary

For many Christians who experience same-sex attraction, reconciling faith and homosexuality is a lonely and painful journey. Sally Gary's touching memoir is one woman's recollection of her own journey.

No other issue has been more divisive in families and in faith communities than this. Rather than providing cookie-cutter answers as to why someone experiences same-sex attraction and how to "make it go away," Loves God, Likes Girls simply gives one woman's perspective on the experiences over a lifetime that impacts the development of sexuality. Her story emphasizes that those who experience same-sex attraction need safe places to explore questions, to find community, and to grow deeper in the relationship with God.

God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines

The landmark book exploring what the Bible actually says—and doesn’t say—about same-sex relationships.

As a young Christian man, Matthew Vines harbored the same basic hopes of most young people: to someday share his life with someone, to build a family of his own, to give and receive love. But when he realized he was gay, those hopes were called into question. The Bible, he’d been taught, condemned gay relationships.

Feeling the tension between his understanding of the Bible and the reality of his same-sex orientation, Vines devoted years of intensive research into what the Bible says about homosexuality. With care and precision, Vines asked questions such as:

• Do biblical teachings on the marriage covenant preclude same-sex marriage or not?

• How should we apply the teachings of Jesus to the gay debate?

• Can celibacy be a calling when it is mandated, not chosen?

• What did Paul have in mind when he warned against same-sex relations?

Unique in its affirmation of both an orthodox faith and sexual diversity, God and the Gay Christian has sparked heated debate, sincere soul search­ing, and widespread cultural change on the issue of what it means to be a faithful gay Christian.

Online Resources:

A place to belong.  Isn't that what we all want, really? Somewhere we feel loved and wanted. A place where we can be real. A place where we can say what's really going on inside and not be turned away or ostracized simply by others' silence. A place where we're included and accepted, no matter what.
That's what Jesus did for people while he was here on this earth. And he's still doing it today through communities of faith that believe in being safe places. CenterPeace is built on the concept of table fellowship, on the truth that Jesus invites each of us, no matter where we are in our thinking, to dine with him.
Founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, CenterPeace offers seminars to help church leaders, educators, and families better understand same-sex attraction and open conversations about faith and homosexuality. CenterPeace grew out of Sally Gary's own journey, growing up in a Christian family, experiencing same-sex attraction without a safe place to talk about those feelings. Church and university leaders gathered with Sally for nearly two years exploring what a ministry like this should offer, and the result was CenterPeace. For over a decade churches and universities have reached out to CenterPeace for helping families and individuals resolve questions of faith and homosexuality. Allowing the Lord to take the brokenness of our past and use it to His glory, CenterPeace is helping Christians who experience same-sex attraction find a place to belong within the Body of Christ.
We welcome grace-filled dialogue and respectful disagreement with all who come to the table, acknowledging Jesus as the CenterPeace of our existence.

We neither promote nor condone even the most well-intentioned condemnation of God's children who experience same-sex attraction, nor will we allow political causes to distract us from extending the Lord's invitation to His banquet table. Jesus came to change hearts, not laws, and we are committed to following Him.

For without Jesus at the center of our lives, there is no peace.

Founded in 2001, GCN is an international network of Christians working for the fully inclusive Christian community and a world where all people are treated as the beloved children of God. It is our mission to transform attitudes toward LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people and bring about a day when the church is the biggest ally and defender of LGBTQ people rather than a chief opponent.

What began as an organization to provide support to LGBTQ Christians has grown into a worldwide movement for compassion with many straight members as well. Through conferences, speaking events, videos, message boards, and more, we work to end prejudice and discrimination both inside and outside of the church, combat negative stereotypes about LGBTQ people, and support those who have been hurt by anti-LGBTQ attitudes.

Because GCN works across so many different denominations and communities, we recognize that Christians are divided on myriad theological questions, including some pertaining to LGBTQ people. We believe in approaching these disagreements with grace, compassion, and education, rather than demonizing those who disagree with us. This doesn’t mean, of course, that we accept all views as “equally valid”; some views are wrong or harmful and must be challenged. Even in such cases, however, our goal is to unite, not to divide, while ensuring every Christian is allowed to live out his or her own conscience on matters of dispute (Romans 14).

Whatever your own background, we invite you to join us online and offline to help the church better live out the love of Christ for all people.

If you know of any to add, please send them to!  Thanks!

This page is under-construction and in time will have everything!

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